Hawaiian Drinks – Fruit Smoothie With Local Rum

Hawaiian drinks don’t begin and end with a Mai Tai.  There are an endless number of fresh ingredients, fruits and liquors to use on Hawaii that don’t have to end up in a Tiki Bar.

When I travel to Hawaii, I’m always excited to take advantage of the best local ingredients I can find.  Having access to the freshest fish, beef, fruits and vegetables for me is like a painter having access to a brand new set of paints.  All I can imagine are the possibilities of fantastic meals because of the tools I now have at my disposal.

The sun is hot on Kauai, but the soft trade winds minimize the effect.  Perhaps I don’t feel like I’m roasting on the sand, but my building thirst says its time to rehydrate.

One of my favorite Hawaiian drinks is a fresh fruit smoothie.  With my “No-Recipe” attitude, I’m going to create a new beverage using the items I already have on hand and my favorite Koloa Spiced and Koloa Dark Rums from the Koloa Rum Company, right here on Kauai.

Having just returned from a tour of the Koloa Rum Company processing plant and a personal tour from President Bob Gunter, I already know that the best drink in Hawaii starts with the best rum.  When I add fresh pineapples, papayas, and limes, I’ve got an individual creation that uses locally sourced ingredients.

This doesn’t just give me a nice relaxing attitude, it also puts money back into the local economy.  I don’t come to Hawaii to buy rum from the Caribbean or pineapples from Costa Rica.  I come to Hawaii to experience their fantastic foods and I’m glad to spend my money for quality items that help the creators, vendors, their families and the entire island.

Live a No Recipe Lifestyle!


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