The Easy Way to Enjoy Healthy, Restaurant-Quality Meals at Home

Discover how to use simple cooking techniques to create delicious, nutritious
everyday meals in minutes!

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What is stopping you from cooking great meals every night of the week?

Whether it's coming up with new ideas that your kids will eat
or just trying to decipher complicated instructions from a new recipe...
If you are like most people I know, you are frustrated by cooking.

You know that using fresh, whole foods and preparing your own meals at home is the healthy way to eat.
But the planning, shopping and prepping takes time - and you're busy!

You might even think, it's just easier to let someone else do the cooking so you often resort to take-out and fast food.

But Wait! Cooking doesn't have to be this way!

Why Should You Listen to Me?

That's a great question and the answer is simple.
I understand where you're coming from because I used to be in the same boat!

I loved cooking and considered myself a good cook.

But the reality was that I had my 5 "go-to" dinners and that was it.

When I tried new recipes, they often came out badly and I never knew why...

Does this sound familiar?

My frustration with cooking - and my desire to be better - took me all the way to Culinary School!
Two years and $40,000 later - I got it! Cooking is NOT about recipes. It's about learning the fundamentals - the Basic Cooking Methods, as I call them.

Once you know these methods you can apply them to ANY recipe.

Yes, basic cooking methods are that powerful.

But YOU don't have to go to Culinary School to be a Better Cook at Home!

I've taught thousands of people all over the world how to cook anything anytime.

It is my passion to teach the fundamentals of cooking - The Basic Cooking Methods I learned in Culinary School.
These methods are the basis of all cooking. When you know them, you can easily use any recipe (or invent your own).
In just minutes, you can create awesome meals, without waste and disappointment.

That's the reason I set out to create this Complete Cooking Collection. It is designed to teach all of the fundamentals of great cooking that every home cook needs to know. Best of all, the information is presented in a straight-forward, A-Z approach with no fluff!

Cooking DVDs Set

Get the Complete Cooking DVD Collection Now!
a $247 Value

$197 + Shipping
Special Offer: $97 for the Complete Set

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In 97 Minutes, Volume 1 will teach you how to:

  • Master the best time-saving tricks in the kitchen - your basic knife skills.
  • Start enjoying prep with these classic knife cuts and short cuts.

Cooking DVDs

  • Cook your way to improved health and nutrition using whole foods you prepare in your own home.
  • Proudly serve attractive food for guests by learning the best and easiest methods for cutting over 25 of the most common household meats, fruits and vegetables.
  • Find the cut you need in one click with 34 chapters, all labeled and organized for easy access so you can practice until you get it right.

Save Money!

  • Equip your kitchen with ONLY the necessary pots, pans and tools you'll need.
  • Recognize how food becomes spoiled and learn how to prevent it and extend the life of your food.
  • Be a smart knife-shopper. Learn the construction and use of the four knives you absolutely must have in your kitchen.
Cooking DVDs Set

Get the Complete Cooking DVD Collection Now!
a $247 Value

$197 + Shipping
Special Offer: $97 for the Complete Set

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What People are saying about Burn Your Recipes:

"This is a fundamental change from cook book instructions. This cooking instruction is NEW and EXCITING and very approachable for the average person to transform the way they prepare and cook food. Based on my own personal experience with Chef Todd's cooking instruction, I am positive it will make you 300% better! Chef Todd is informative, skilled - both in the kitchen and in education. The DVD is at a pace that keeps you interested. Viewing a few chapters prior to starting a meal should improve your delivery many times over! For less than the cost of one night out to dinner, anyone who likes to eat should own this DVD." ~Dave Allison (video above)
Marketing and Sales Director, Food and Wine Enthusiast
Horizon Wine Cellars

“There is something here for everyone at every level of experience.”
Phillip Barry McGeough, Spain
“Since getting the Burn Your Recipes DVD set, I am now Experimenting in the kitchen, trying new foods, and trying healthier foods.”
Gary Wheeler, US
“This DVD set made me realize i was doing everything the wrong way. I now have more knowledge which has given me a lot of new ideas and enabled me to learn a lot of new dishes & new flavors.”
Vincent Daigle, Spain
“Burn Your Recipes DVDs has given me the quick tips I need to cook without a cookbook. It has been a great way to learn more about cooking.”
Lynn Ferguson, Canada
“At first I thought this DVD set was expensive but I got it anyway because of the 30 day guarantee. I found out that it was worth the money and effort. This DVD set has improved my skills in the kitchen, teaching me how to properly saute, how to make a smooth sauce and the correct way to grill. It has probably actually saved me a lot of money overall.”
Richard Davies, US
“This DVD set has eliminated the expense of cooking with recipes from my life. I now have confidence in my cooking, ability to think beyond the recipe and the skills to focus on cooking with what we have in the house, which is a big money saver. I have quit cooking with recipes, and have expanded my cooking repertoire by cooking at least 3-4 times per week, using what I've learned in the online course. I've already been telling friends about your course, and telling them the fun that cooking has become through structured success--and through freedom from recipes.”
Paul Mattson, US
“Thanks to Burn Your Recipes DVDs, I am taking more risks to try new things and using only what is in my cupboard/fridge, which saves me money and time. I cook something new - made up in my own head - at least 2x / week now.”
Shane Johnston, Canada
“I have learned knife skills, lots of new techniques and now cook with confidence. Do it! Join up, You will love Chef Todd and his method of teaching and his funny additions.”
Joyce Spears, US
“The three biggest benefits of getting Burn Your Recipes? Finding out I'm doing many things right that I've figured out on my own, learning some better techniques in the kitchen and most importantly getting inspired and excited about cooking.”
Paul Sergio DDS, US
“Since getting this DVD set, I cook three times as much and I understand what I am cooking and why.”
John Hailey, US
“With Burn Your Recipes, I don't feel that I have to refer to cook books any longer. I have Learned how to stock up for fast everyday cooking. Buy it. No matter how well you cook now, it will improve your skills.”
Tomas & Gail Weaver, US
Cooking DVDs Set

Get the Complete Cooking DVD Collection Now!
a $247 Value

$197 + Shipping
Special Offer: $97 for the Complete Set

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Chapter 1: Welcome and How to Use this DVD

Chapter 2: The ONLY Pots and Pans You Really Need

Chapter 3: How to Choose the Right Pots and Pans for Your Stove

Chapter 4: The Essential Kitchen Hand Tools to Make Your Prep Easier

Chapter 5: The Three Biggest Threats to Food Quality

Chapter 6: Six Ways to Protect Your Food and Keep it Wholesome and Fresh

Chapter 7: The System Used by Professionals to Ensure Food Quality

Chapter 8: The Four “Must-Have” Kitchen Knives

Chapter 9: The Beginners Guide to Understanding the Parts of Any Knife

Chapter 10: Be Confident with the Knife in Your Hand by Choosing the Correct Knife

Chapter 11: How to Keep Your Knives Sharp and Safe

Chapter 12: Holding the Knife for Accuracy and Safety

Chapter 13: Mastering the Classic Knife Cuts

Chapters 14—21: The Definitive Guide to Expertly Cutting the Most Common Household Fruits and Vegetables—Quickly and Easily for Picture-Perfect Results Every Time (Part 1)

Chapter 14: Filet of Green Pepper

Chapter 15: Bias Cut for Stirfry Vegetables

Chapter 16: Dicing an Onion

Chapter 17: Dicing a Shallot

Chapter 18: Julienne of Onion

Chapter 19: How to make Round Items into Sticks and Cubes

Chapter 20: Mince Garlic and Ginger for Fresh Seasonings

Chapter 21: How to Chop Parsley and Basil for Everyday Use

Chapter 22: The Slicing Knife

Chapter 23: The Paring Knife

Chapter 24: Putting it all Together

Chapter 25: How to Choose the Right Knife for the Right Job

Chapters 26—32: The Definitive Guide to Expertly Cutting the Most Common Household Fruits and Vegetables—Quickly and Easily for Picture-Perfect Results Every Time (Part 2):

Chapter 26: Diced Honeydew and Cantaloupe Melon

Chapter 27: Diced Watermelon

Chapter 28: An Easy Method for Preparing Pineapple

Chapter 29: Tropical Fruit - Kiwi and Mango

Chapter 30: Tree Fruit—Apples and Pears

Chapter 31: Stone Fruit—Peaches and Plums

Chapter 32: Sectioning Citrus Fruit with Skill and Precision

Chapter 33: Getting the Most out of Meat by Correctly Using the Boning Knife for Cleaning and Portioning

Chapter 34: Congratulations and Volume 2 Preview

Also Included are these Special Bonus Items:

Bonus #1: Essential Kitchen Tools & Equipment Checklist

Stock your kitchen with necessities WITHOUT over-spending!

Bonus #2: Classic Knife Cuts Practice Cheat Sheet

Practice all of your knife cuts using this essential guide!

Bonus #3: Kitchen Safety Quick Reference Guide

Make sure your kitchen is ready for cooking with this reference sheet!

Cooking DVDs Set

Get the Complete Cooking DVD Collection Now!
a $247 Value

$197 + Shipping
Special Offer: $97 for the Complete Set

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And You Get 2 More Volumes...

3D Cooking DVDs Vol 2

Burn Your Recipes, Volume 2:

How to Master Taste, Nutrition and Heat and Transform your Cooking from Fair to Fantastic
You Will Discover:

  • How to protect the nutritional value of cooked food and retain its fullest benefits
  • The four main "tastes" and how these variables affect all cooking
  • All of the rules of controlling heat to achieve optimum results every time
  • The essential kitchen pantry items and staples for everyday cooking success


Part 1: 7 healthy elements in food that you may be cooking away
Chapter 1: Developing Your Cooking Vocabulary

Chapter 2: Carbohydrates

Chapter 3: Proteins

Chapter 4: Vitamins

Chapter 5: Fats

Chapter 6: Liquids

Chapter 7: Minerals

Part 2: Getting the most exciting flavors into your meals with 6 kitchen staples

Chapter 8: How to tell the difference between Herbs and Spices, and how to choose the right ones for your cooking

Chapter 9: Bouquet Garni Sachet – how to leave flavors in your food without leaving herbs and spices behind.

Chapter 10: Nuts – Add flavor, color, texture to any meal.

Chapter 11: Vinegars – Why acids are necessary for cooking chemistry

Chapters 12: Fats and Oils – Flavors, nutrients, and conductors of heat

Chapter 13: Condiments - Instant flavor profiles for any cooking method

Chapter 14: Pasta, Grains – Dried items to have at your disposal to compliment any meal.

Part 3: What Chefs know about heat that cookbooks never tell you

Chapter 15: The Two Basic Types of Heat and their Benefits and Drawbacks in Cooking

Chapter 16: The 4 Changes in Food When Cooked

Chapter 19: The Basic Elements of Recipes Revealed: Now Start Discovering Your Own Recipes!

Also Included are these Special Bonus Items:

Bonus #1: The Essential Nutrients in Food Fact Sheet

You'll use this every day!

Bonus #2: Must-Have Kitchen Pantry Checklist

The easy way to prepare for quick and easy everyday cooking!

Bonus #3: The Effects of Heat on Food - Temperature Progression Chart

A visual guide to how heat effects food so you can control heat vs heat controlling you!

Cooking DVDs Set

Get the Complete Cooking DVD Collection Now!
a $247 Value

$197 + Shipping
Special Offer: $97 for the Complete Set

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Burn Your Recipes, Volume 3:

The Secrets of Basic Cooking Methods

3D Cooking DVDs Vol 3


  • The mysteries of the 5 Mother Sauces (plus one!).These easy-to-master techniques will enable you to master all sauces!
  • Over 15 Basic Cooking Methods and how to determine which to use when
  • The simple secret about stocks that takes everyday cooking to a new level
  • How to master the tricky techniques of preparing perfect vegetables


Chapter 1: Roasting

Chapter 2: Sauteing

Chapter 3: Deep Frying

Chapter 4: Pan Frying

Chapter 5: Grilling

Chapter 6: Boil

Chapter 7: Poach

Chapter 8: Simmer

Chapter 9: Steam

Chapter 10: Braising

Chapter 11: Stewing

Part 2: The three parts of all sauces you must know to improve all meals immediately
Chapter 12: The difference between stocks and broths

Chapter 13: Chicken Stock

Chapter 14: Beef Stock

Chapter 15: Roux

Chapter 16: Cornstarch Slurry

Chapter 17: Beurre Manie

Chapter 18: Egg Yolk Liason

Chapter 19: Reduction

Chapter 20: Bechamel Sauce

Chapter 21: Veloute Sauce

Chapter 22: Brown Sauce

Chapter 23: Tomato Sauce

Chapter 24: Hollandaise Sauce

Chapter 25: Beurre Blanc

Part 3: The secrets of retaining flavor, color, texture and nutritional qualities in vegetables.

Chapter 26: Fiber: Keep your cooked veggies firm and crisp with a common pantry item

Chapter 27: Flavor: Which vegetables to choose for greatest fresh flavor

Chapter 28: Color: Learn the secrets to treating green white, red and yellow vegetables differently to keep them bright and fresh

Chapter 29: Nutrients: The two main ways cooking can destroy the nutritional value of vegetables and how to avoid them

Chapter 30: The 7 Rules of Vegetable Cookery

Bonus #1: Cooking Methods Glossary

An amazing and complete resource!

Bonus #2: 5 Mother Sauces (+1!) Prep Chart

A great easy-to-use quick reference!

Bonus #3: Cooking Vegetables Primer

A quick start guide to vegetable cookery!

Cooking DVDs Set

Get the Complete Cooking DVD Collection Now!
a $247 Value

$197 + Shipping
Special Offer: $97 for the Complete Set

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This Cooking DVD Series - "Burn Your Recipes" is for:

  • Cooks everywhere who want to create more wholesome, nutritious meals and save money by cooking at home.
  • Creative home cooks who are tired of recipes that don't work and want to start learning how to really cook and make ANY recipe work.
  • Fans of the Chef Todd's video cooking instruction who are ready to learn more advanced skills and take their cooking to the next level.
  • Culinary students, professional cooks and aspiring chefs who are looking to reinforce their basic cooking skills and learn more.
  • Students enrolled in Web Cooking Classes who want to jump-start their lessons

You will probably not enjoy "Burn Your Recipes" cooking DVD if you:

  • are just searching for another recipe.
  • don't want to impress friends and family with great meals.
  • aren't interested in learning how to save time and money.
  • don't like to eat.

Chef Todd's 60 Day PERSONAL Guarantee

First of all, every one of my products is “change-your-life” guaranteed. If you don't love something, you get your money back—simple as that.

Get these DVDs in the Burn Your Recipes Series now along with all the awesome bonus gifts! Try them and use them for 60 full days. I promise you will be a better and more confident cook after using this DVD Series and the instruction contained within.

BUT - If you don't agree, within 60 days of purchase, you can return the DVDs for a full refund - no questions asked! And you get to keep all of the bonus items with my apologies for letting you down.


My goal is to teach people all over the world to find great pride and enjoyment in cooking. My goal is NOT to charge people for items they don't want or programs they are not benefiting from.

I'm SO excited to help you take this next step in your cooking - RISK FREE. Click below to grab your copy of this game-changing cooking DVD set now!!!

Cooking DVDs Set

Get the Complete Cooking DVD Collection Now!
a $247 Value

$197 + Shipping
Special Offer: $97 for the Complete Set

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To Your Cooking Success,

P.S. Just think, you are just moments away from getting the complete cooking companion - the only cooking reference guide you need to get started on cooking immediately!

P.P.S. You are protected by my 100% money back commitment, so all the risk is on me. Get Burn Your Recipes Volumes 1, 2 and 3 today for an amazing price, and turn your love for food into a lifelong skill!