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Cooking is Fast, Easy and Fun
When you Know the Chef Secrets I'm About to Reveal to You!

If you are tired of complicated recipes that don't work and crazy chef food shows on TV that really don't teach you to cook, you will want to read every word of this page - because I've got the answer!

Dear Fellow Food Lover:

Cooking Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

If you're looking for a way to save money and save time, while enjoying the best food and cooking of your life, then keep reading! These chef secrets will change the way you think about cooking immediately and permanently!

Give me 3 minutes of your time and you'll never need to be anxious about what's for dinner again.

You see, before I was a chef, I was a lot like most of my students. I liked to cook, loved to eat, but mostly cooked the same meals again and again. These were the “tried and true” dishes that I learned to cook in order to feed myself over the years. But if I ever tried to deviate from “the recipe”…
My cooking was terrible and I never knew why!

What I learned in culinary school and 2 decades of professional cooking experience made me realize that I had been going about cooking ALL WRONG, just like so many others I spoke to.

I had to go to CULINARY SCHOOL to learn this, but YOU don’t!

If you are interested in a proven system for learning how to cook like the professionals, without the time or expense of formal education, then you’re in the right place.

I'm about to spill the beans on my Top 5 Chef Secrets that will enable you to quickly master the most important skills any cook can possess…and you get it for just the cost of shipping!

These 5 Chef Secrets are designed as the perfect start to your 14 day trial membership in, which is included with the cooking DVD.

Just learning these secrets has changed the lives of people all over the world whether they are just starting to cook or have been cooking for years.

If you are using recipes, Food TV, magazines, cook books, or free online cooking videos to learn to cook and get dinner done...

If you’re serious about learning how to create an exciting variety of amazing meals...

If you're interested in understanding the simple yet powerful basic cooking methods that will enable you to cook everything...


You’ll discover the best ways to add flavor and texture to any main dish, and some sneaky little “Secrets” that will make all your food look better and cook better …PLUS simple strategies for cooking great everyday meals on the "fly" with whatever you have on-hand.

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You will learn the very same secrets that these students of mine did - each of whom paid over $195 to learn the very secrets I now present in my DVD 5 Chef Secrets for Creating Amazing Meals at Home. Here's what they say in THEIR OWN WORDS about how these simple secrets changed their entire approach to cooking:

"Todd's style of teaching method versus recipes just changed the whole way I thought about cooking." - John

"We save money now because we can buy a whole chicken and use it all week...we learned how to stock our pantry and we eat out much we eat healthier, too!" - Darren and Sophie

"I go to the store and look at the meats, and before, I didn't know a top round from a flank I can say 'yeah I know what to do...I want this piece of meat as opposed to that piece of meat and I know what to do with it...I can tell the difference between braising, broiling, sauteing..." - Paul

"I cook for myself and (cooking classes) made me want to cook more. I've always cooked, but it's more fun gives you confidence...I feel much more at home in my own kitchen." - Marlene

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*Pay only shipping and handling to get the 5 Chef Secrets DVD
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Why would I give you this DVD for so little when I could sell it for $47?
Simple. I've seen these secrets save hundreds of my students time and money while reducing their cooking stress and providing endless new dinner ideas. I've seen how people's lives have changed when they cook with basic cooking methods, and gain the confidence to cook what they like, how they like it. I'm confident that you'll see the same change in the quality of the food you eat, and then stay a member of WebCookingClasses past your trial period.

Who is This For?

This is a “can’t miss” opportunity for anyone who is:

  • Serious about using the most effective cooking methods known to mankind; the kind of cooking that professional chefs have been using to make amazing meals quickly and consistently, night after night without a cookbook in sight. The recipes don't matter when you master the art and science of cooking methods.
  • Serious about implementing a proven System for creating amazing meals at home …a system that teaches you how to cook consistently, reliably, and predictably so you tackle every culinary situation - from dinners with family to holiday entertaining - knowing (not hoping and praying) you’ll create a wonderful meal and you'll do it on the first try!
  • Tired of being a “Cooking Recipes Victim.” If you are an experienced cook, you’ve likely bought lots of cookbooks, watched all the top food TV shows, and invested in live cooking demonstrations that only showed you how to cook one dish – unknowingly wasting time and money, not really knowing which recipes will work.

It's Not Your Fault.

The only option you've been given until now has been to follow what's been presented by celebrity chefs.

Just because it’s not your fault doesn’t mean you want to continue that way.

And NOW would be a great time to correct course.

Surely one (if not all) of those apply to you.

If you’re not interested in learning how to create amazing meals and cook like the professionals do at home, then this DVD is for not for you.

If you're just looking for another recipe to make dinner for tonight, this DVD is not for you.

If you don't like food, then this DVD is not for you.

5-secrets-dvd-image.smallWhat Secrets do I Reveal in my DVD?


animated-arrowSecret #1 reveals the real reasons why recipes don't work and why you shouldn't trust them!

animated-arrowSecret #2 teaches you how to be ready to cook on the fly any time with what you have on hand.

animated-arrowSecret #3 shows the most important skills you need to make food that looks better and cooks better.

animated-arrowSecret #4 demonstrates what happens when you turn on the heat and apply different cooking methods to foods - a behind the scenes look at cooking!

animated-arrowSecret #5 reveals the easiest, fastest and most delicious way to add flavor and texture to any main dish - and I show you step-by-step how to do it.

What Else Do You Get With Your 5 Secrets DVD?

Along with my 5 Chef Secrets DVD I've developed a few additional things
that can greatly enhance your ability to learn how to cook like a chef - fast...

So, with your DVD, I'll also be including the following Bonus gifts as enhancements to your cooking instruction:

Bonus #1: "Chef Todd's Web Cooking Classes" 14 Day Trial

I'm not going to leave you alone to learn these 5 secrets on your own. I've developed a step-by-step cooking instructional system that will walk you through all of the basic cooking methods that I use everyday to cook awesome food quickly and easily at home. It's the exact instruction that has taught thousands to cook and I am including a 14 day trial with your DVD. As a member of this very special online cooking course, each week you'll receive personal video coaching from me, downloadable handouts, cooking ideas, resources and many unadvertised bonuses. With this bonus, you will automatically be enrolled in Web Cooking Classes, but can cancel anytime. If you decide to continue past the 14 day trial, you will be billed just $47 per month for full membership benefits.

Grabbed Frame 1

Bonus #2: Immediate access to my funny and informative Video: "Packing a Pantry for Vacation Cooking"

Instant access to a classic video which reveals how a little pre-planning can go a long way with vacation cooking! And you'll be able to watch it immediately!

Bonus #3: Printable Cooking Reference Sheets that EVERY cook needs:

"Knife Cuts Practice Cheat Sheet"

"Kitchen Readiness Quick Reference Guide"

"The Essential Kitchen Tools Checklist"

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*Pay only shipping and handling to get the 5 Chef Secrets DVD
plus a 14 day trial in Web Cooking Classes.
Continued membership is only $47 per month. Cancel anytime.

How Much Is it Worth to Know
the Simple Secrets of Cooking Success?

How much time and money do you spend on purchasing and preparing the exact ingredients you need to cook specific recipes?

How often do you purchase an expensive spice for a recipe and then never use it again because you don't know what to do with it past that recipe?

And the worst one: how much money do you waste on meals that don't turn out?

Learning how to cook will not only save you time, provide you enjoyment and pride, and enable you to eat healthful and delicious food - it will SAVE YOU MONEY!

Here's How:

  • No more wasted ingredients - learn how to use everything you buy!
  • Less take-out!
  • Buy whole foods and use the whole food!
  • Produce leftovers on purpose - that you want to eat!
  • Enjoy restaurant-quality meals at home!

I'll contribute the DVD, if you'll contribute the shipping costs.

So if you're with me and you're ready to turn your cooking around, stop wasting your time, start saving money, and start creating amazing food that you are proud to serve, scroll down and get the 5 Chef Secrets DVD now.

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And while you're much money and time will you waste on mediocre cooking results?

You've seen what this information has meant to the lives of many others as you've read over this page.

You've read the testimonials of those who have taken this information and decided to use it as a turning point in their cooking.

You've also seen that I've included several instantly accessible bonuses that are sure to assist you toward cooking confidence and success. You can get instant access within minutes of claiming your free DVD...

You know what it's like to feel the frustration of recipes that don't work and the endless search for new and exciting ideas.

All I'm asking you to do is help me cover the cost of getting this information in your hand
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I've done everything in my power to get these cooking strategies in your hands right you can start experiencing the life changes I've experienced—along with thousands of other people.

I believe that next month...six months from now...a year from now...and for the rest of your life you'll look back on this moment as the point you began your journey towards cooking success.

I know without a shadow of a doubt you'll do the right thing.
Do it for yourself and your family!
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You can have complete access to all of the bonus items and my unparalleled Web Cooking Classes for just the cost of shipping.

Grab Your Copy of
5 Chef Secrets for Creating Amazing Meals at Home - NOW!


payment-methods3Pay just $7.95 for shipping and handling to get the 5 Chef Secrets DVD plus a 14 day trial in Web Cooking Classes.
Continued membership is $47 per month. Cancel anytime.

Chef Todd's 60 Day GuaranteeChef Todd's
Personal Guarantee

First of all, every one of my products is “change-your-life” guaranteed. If you don't love something, you don't pay for it — simple as that. So, if you aren't happy with Web Cooking Classes, "Burn Your Recipes" DVD series, or any product on our website, for whatever reason, just visit my customer support at and we will cancel your membership and stop your monthly billing immediately. If you're unsatisfied with any DVD you've purchased, simply return the DVD within 60 days for a full refund. My goal is to teach people all over the world to find great pride and enjoyment in cooking. My goal is NOT to charge people for items they don't want or programs they are not benefiting from. I'm SO excited to help you take this next step in your cooking - RISK FREE. Click here to claim your DVD and trial membership NOW!!!

Pay just $7.95 for shipping and handling to get the 5 Chef Secrets DVD plus a 14 day trial in Web Cooking Classes.
Continued membership is $47 per month. Cancel anytime.

“With Web Cooking Classes, I was able to learn cooking tequniques in a very intresting way and in short time. Now I am beginning to love cooking more and more. Hurry up and join!”
Ghada Nawara, California, US
“Web Cooking Classes has eliminated the expense of cooking with recipes from my life. I now have confidence in my cooking, ability to think beyond the recipe and the skills to focus on cooking with what we have in the house, which is a big money saver. I have quit cooking with recipes, and have expanded my cooking repertoire by cooking at least 3-4 times per week, using what I've learned in the online course. I've already been telling friends about your course, and telling them the fun that cooking has become through structured success--and through freedom from recipes.”
Paul Mattson, US
“I was a total cooking novice with the goal of learning how to cook - especially learning how to make sauces. Not only did I learn sauces in Web Cooking Classes, but I've actually become a pretty good freaking cook! I've stopped ordering out all the time. and I've become a food snob. It's amazing how poorly most take out food is made, and I won't stand for that crap anymore! I cook several times a week now time permitting.”
Maher Fattah, New Jersey, US
“I was already a good cook, but wanted to cook with flexibility, not having to rely on recipes, and being able to use whatever's in the kitchen. With Web Cooking Classes, I have learned basic knife skills, saute method, making pan sauces and so much more! I no longer need to look through tons of recipes to decide what to make to eat. This is a great price on culinary skills through videos that are fun and educational.”
Lissa Conger, California, US
“Since joining Web Cooking Classes, I am taking more risks to try new things and using only what is in my cupboard/fridge, which saves me money and time. I cook something new - made up in my own head - at least 2x / week now.”
Shane Johnston, Canada
“I have learned knife skills, lots of new techniques and now cook with confidence. Do it! Join up, You will love Chef Todd and his method of teaching and his funny additions.”
Joyce Spears, US
“There is something here for everyone at every level of experience.”
Phillip Barry McGeough, Spain
“Thanks to Web Cooking Classes and the instruction I've gotten, I am now experimenting in the kitchen, trying new foods, and cooking healthier foods.”
Gary Wheeler, US

I look forward to seeing you in the Members Area and sharing cooking ideas!

To Your Cooking Success,




P.S. Just think, you are just moments away from getting the step by step system that will have you cooking everything with ease and simplicity in just weeks AND I'll send you my 40 minute DVD: 5 Chef Secrets for just the cost of shipping!

P.P.S Right now, Web Cooking Classes members are waiting in the discussion area to offer you ideas and guidance as you embark on your own cooking journey. The only missing ingredient is you!

P.P.P.S You are protected by my 100% money back commitment, so all the risk is on me. Get the 5 Chef Secrets DVD and Web Cooking Classes Trial Membership today while this offer lasts!

“People always told me I was an excellent cook, but I learned things here I didn't expect to learn.”
Gregg Rhodes, Web Cooking Classes Graduate

Get this Full-Length Cooking DVD Today for FREE*


*Pay only shipping and handling to get the 5 Chef Secrets DVD
plus a 14 day trial in Web Cooking Classes.
Continued membership is only $47 per month. Cancel anytime.