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Chef Todd Mohr

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Benefits of Cooking Classes and Courses

    • Cook a delicious dinner FAST any night of the week using the ingredients you have on hand.
    • Discover a great new meal idea from a cookbook, restaurant or magazine and easily create your own version of it at home.
    • Entertain family and friends with confidence.
    • Shop at local Farms and Markets, purchasing the best ingredients possible, confident in your ability to put them to good use.
    • Save time and money - the two most precious commodities on EARTH!
    • Stop worrying about wasted food or cooking meals that go straight to the trash
    • Enjoy a healthier relationship with food because you can cook whatever you want and stop being a "victim" to what's readily available on the take-out circuit.
    • Eat awesome food day in and day out for a fraction of the cost of restaurants.

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I started teaching online cooking classes back in 2009, but have been teaching home cooks, culinary students, and just about everyone else who will let me for over a decade. What I've found is that most cooking instruction focuses on the recipe, which to me seems like starting in the middle. My technique focuses on learning basic cooking methods and this is exactly what I teach in my online cooking courses.

Learning to cook this way - learning the methods behind cooking - is not only unique, but it has been proven over the years to be the best way to get out of the recipe rut and to start cooking with your own observations and ingredients. Once people learn the cooking methods presented in my online culinary classes, they understand the science of cooking, which is really what cooking is all about. Learning the fundamentals of cooking provides the right building blocks to cook for any diet, using any ingredients, with confidence. This is because once you have cooking knowledge, every meal you cook will increase your cooking skills, and your confidence will explode.

My cooking lessons online are designed to give you the knowledge you need to cook without recipes and to use recipes as guidelines for inspiration and ideas. Within a few weeks of online cooking courses, my students say they learn things they never expected and start to look at cooking in a completely different way. It is literally life-changing. Imagine...being able to whip up a meal for yourself quickly and easily, using any ingredients you happen to have on hand! This is exactly the goal of my cooking classes online and this is what makes my approach so special and so successful.

If you want to be a better cook, you need to understand the science that makes cooking work. My video cooking lessons online will help you do just that, and I am by your side the entire time! Think of me as your Cooking Coach, guiding you through the methods, seeing your results, and answering all of your questions along the way. And don't worry that science is too boring and difficult because it doesn't have to be. Although I use the same exact instruction when teaching home cooks or culinary students, my culinary classes online are far from boring - or difficult to grasp. In fact, my students tell me that they've tried other classes and just never "got it." They were never able to duplicate the recipes prepared under guidance of the instructor in their own kitchens. But after just a couple of my classes, they "get it", are starting to cook great and loving every minute of it. Scroll down and read what some of them say and then join us on the inside! I look forward to meeting you online very soon...

To Your Cooking Success,

Chef Todd Mohr

  • What my Students Say...

    "Chef Todd's style of teaching is great. It's funny and entertaining, while sharing a wealth of knowledge - knowledge that I haven't found anywhere else."
    Ken Roberts,
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